Grower Vertical Timeline


  • Practical Software Solutions opens in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 1996

  • Metrolina Greenhouses of Huntersville, North Carolina, implements Sage ERP MAS 90 (now known as Sage 100) to track accounting data
  • 2002

  • Practical Software Solutions becomes a Best Software Development Partner

    Sage Software was known as Best Software in the United States between 2001-06.

  • 2003

  • Practical Software Solutions moves from Charlotte to Concord, North Carolina
  • 2006


  • Metrolina Greenhouses first meets with Practical Software Solutions during an 18-month process of revaluating its software system

    Practical Software Solutions was recommended by Charles Childers, Metrolina's IT director at the time, who previously met with Practical at a former job.

  • October

  • Metrolina Greenhouses signs on with Practical Software Solutions to upgrade its Sage ERP system and design a solution to account for the unique needs of manufacturing a live product
  • 2007


  • Metrolina Greenhouses goes live on Sage ERP MAS 500 (now known as Sage 500 ERP)
  • March

  • Metrolina Greenhouses first entertains the idea of sharing their modifications with other growers
  • October

  • Sage publishes a Customer Success Story video on Metrolina Greenhouses and Practical Software Solutions

    The name "Grower Vertical" is used publicly for the first time in the video.

  • 2008


  • Metrolina Greenhouses wins the first-ever Sage Customer Award for Best Use of Customization for Grower Vertical
  • 2009


  • Sage nominates Metrolina Greenhouses for the Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award from Managing Automation Media for their work on Grower Vertical
  • March

  • Recognizing they've produced a system that can benefit the horticulture industry as a whole, Metrolina Greenhouses agrees to allow Grower Vertical to become commercially available
  • Metrolina Greenhouses wins Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award
  • July

  • Representatives from Practical Software Solutions attend the OFA Short Course (now known as Cultivate) for the first time as guests of Metrolina Greenhouses
  • September

  • Practical Software Solutions sells Grower Vertical for the first time
  • October

  • Young's Plant Farm becomes the third Grower Vertical customer

    Work begins on finding a solution to improve customer receipt errors at Young's Plant Farm.

  • 2010


  • Speedling, Inc., becomes the first young plant grower to implement Grower Vertical
  • June

  • Sage publishes a Customer Success Story video on Young's Plant Farm and Practical Software Solutions

    In the video, Bryan Young explains the modifications they were working on to improve customer receipt errors.

  • July

  • Practical Software Solutions exhibits Grower Vertical at the OFA Short Course for the first time
  • August

  • Young's Plant Farm finalizes its implememtation of their customized solution for Grower Vertical, now called Scan by Cart
  • October

  • Grower Vertical is featured in a horticulture trade magazine for the first time in the article "Software Savvy" in Greenhouse Grower magazine
  • 2011


  • After hearing positive reports from Young's Plant Farm, Metrolina Greenhouses approaches Practical Software Solutions about adding Scan by Cart
  • February

  • Metrolina Greenhouses purchases the Scan by Cart module for Grower Vertical
  • August

  • Young's Plant Farm wins the Sage Customer Award for Innovation for Scan by Cart
  • September

  • Practical Software Solutions begins work with its first edible grower customer
  • 2012


  • Jolly Farmer Products becomes Practical Software Solutions' first Canadian grower customer
  • June

  • Practical Software Solutions begins work with its first two perennial grower customers


  • Work begins on a Space Management module with Jolly Farmer Products
  • 2013


  • Jolly Farmer Products migrates to Sage X3 for financials
  • 2014


  • Practical Software Solutions and Harvest Automation announce partnership to integrate Harvest Knowledge and Grower Vertical
  • July

  • Practical Software Solutions announces partnershp with DemandLink to provide integration with Grower Vertical
  • 2015


  • Sage introduces its new web-native platform for manufacturing and distribution
  • July

  • Practical Software Solutions announces plans to develop Grower Vertical for Sage's new web-based platform
  • 2016


  • Space Management is demonstrated to the Grower Vertical user group for the first time after successful implementation and use at Jolly Farmer
  • June

  • Practical Software Solutions demonstrates Grower Vertical on the web-native Sage platform during Cultivate'16
  • September
  • Practical Software Solutions begins work with its first Christmas tree farm customer