It is invaluable to be able to sit with a customer and have the ability to data mine performance data for multiple timeframes across 400-plus SKUs. (Sales representatives) can answer questions in a way that truly makes them the experts in the field.”

Chris Montgomery, Young's Plant Farm
Grower Talks Magazine, June 2015

Retail inventory forecasting and replenishment designed for seasonal goods

Vendors that supply big-box retailers are bombarded with massive amounts of point-of-sale data. This critical information can be overwhelming and is often completely ignored. DemandLink offers a way to translate this data into useful, easy-to-understand information, improving retail forecasting and replenishment. With more than 35,000 points of data, DemandLink offers the most accurate insights into current and historical trends that affect seasonal consumer goods.

As a web-native program, DemandLink can be accessed anywhere on any device with a web browser. This allows your sales teams to have up-to-date information in the office or on the road. Born out of the live goods industry, DemandLink has expanded to the fashion bath, consumer electronics, fashion clothing industries as well. Many of the top retailers across North America have partnered with DemandLink, including:

Lowe's   •   The Home Depot   •   Walmart   •   Target   •   Amazon   •   Shopko   •   Dollar General   •   and more

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  • Currently forecasts more than $2 billion in annual sales
  • Web-native platform can be used on any connected device with a web browser
  • More than 35,000 points of data for forecasting, including daily store-level sales, all NOAA weather stations, unemployment statistics, construction starts, and much more
  • Partnerships with most major big-box retailers
  • Easy-to-use interface