Scan by Cart

There were several things that we needed customized about (Grower Vertical) to fit our company, and Practical was able to say yes to everything we were looking for.”

Bryan Young
General Manager, Young's Plant Farm

Looking to reduce your customer receipt errors?

Scan by Cart, an add-on for Grower Vertical, was developed by Practical Software Solutions in partnership with Young's Plant Farm of Auburn, Ala., after one of Young's big-box retailers expanded its UPC system. Scan by Cart helps automate the shipping process by rebuilding sales orders and generating all of the shipping orders, documents, and labels as the product is loaded onto the truck. This is done with the use of hand-held devices and bar code technology. Bryan Young, the general manager of Young's Plant Farm, said Scan by Cart has reduced their customer receipt errors to less than 1 percent.

This is vitally important because it solves a problem that has plagued the industry, Young said. In traditional manufacturing, items shipped in error can be returned and put back on the shelves for the next order. In the horticultural industry, if the product is wrong, our customers will collect a charge-back fee on top of not paying for the product we already shipped. The product is not returnable because it's a live product, and instantly becomes waste. Also, the solution is helping us to gather sales data for the next year's forecast.

Scan by Cart: Customer receipt errors reduced to less than 1%

Scan by Cart, developed by Practical Software Solutions and Young's Plant Farm, helps greenhouse growers navigate expanded UPCs and reduce customer receipt errors.

Sage ERP Success Stories - Young's Plant Farm (2010)

Young's Plant Farm, of Auburn, Ala., is a family-run business that has grown from a backyard dream to a multi-million dollar business. Young's teamed with Practical Software Solutions to implement the Grower Vertical module for Sage ERP. The two companies also worked together to create the Scan by Cart feature of Grower Vertical.