Space Management

It isn’t like we found we could fill our greenhouses more; we already were pushing the maximum. But we were paying for it dearly, in lost time and efficiency from product not always fitting where we had planned for it to go. What we were trying to do before, we actually are able to do gracefully with Space Management.”

Samuel Keeler, Jolly Farmer Products

Find space for all your crops — without adding more space

Space is a premium commodity. For large and small growers alike, the better space is utilized, the more productive, efficient and profitable the operation will be.

Developed with Jolly Farmer Products, the Space Management module receives production information from a business system and calculates item quantities, facility square footage and environmental parameters within your facilities. It then creates a map of available space for any particular crop. The module then feeds the planning information back into the business system, producing detailed instructions for where new products should be placed. From within the system, you can see current and future space utilization by growing environment.

Space Management Images
  • Manages interactions between crop locations vs. environmental constraints vs. physical location footprint
  • Uses data from work orders, the facility size and its different environmental constraints
  • User-defined variables allow for optimal space management for any type of grower
  • Eliminates guesswork and surprises when placing product
  • Provides for a more efficient and productive work environment
  • System-agnostic platform allows for integration with multiple systems